Country Boy Fishing
Our Mission
We desire to engage the youth and hemophilia communities with innovative ways to go back into nature by utilizing the platform of fishing.
Our Vision
We are here to unite and connect the hemophilia community to fishing an open doors and opportunities for the sport of fishing for the next generation.

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Programs & Events

Family Fun Day
  • Assemble professional fishermen to offer guidance where it is needed amongest the families and friends.
  • Prepare an open pond for 50 to 80 participants.
  • Equip the event with all necessary components to ensure a successful experience.
Sharing and Learning
  • Equip young anglers with the skill set to employ various types of fishing equipment and styles of fishing.
  • Provide opportunities for the youth to showcase what they’ve learned and enhance the development of education for environment conservation.
  • Educate the youth on natural resources and the ways they can protect and preserve their environment in their local areas.
A Day on the Water
  • Provide professional guided fishing trips to the hemophilia community.
  • Encourage and facilitate each special needs child/young adult to have their own experience fishing, interact with others in the hemophilia community and general life experiences.
  • Guided trips will have 4 to 12 community members per outing.
Hemophilia Fishing Tournament
  • Provide young anglers an opportunity for a great competitive experience for their whole family.
  • Enhance the development of education of environment conservation.
  • To have an event that is conducive to a successful experience with catching fish and social interaction with friends and family members.


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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about programs and events. I am available Monday – Thursday. See you on the water.

Phone: (877) 742-4778

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